Power Washing & Mildew Prevention

Power Washing & Mildew Prevention

Power Washing & Mildew Prevention

Wood roofs, decks, and natural shingled homes should be washed and sealed every 2 to 4 years to be properly maintained for proper Mildew Prevention. We specialize in thorough and careful power washes and use the longest-lasting sealers. We can also wash mildew and algae off asphalt roofs.

Mildew has become a growing problem (no pun intended) in our area. We specialize in mildew-resistant paint jobs. No matter how stubborn your mildew seems to be. We can cure it.

If you don’t need a paint job yet, we can provide just a power wash. Sometimes this is all you need and will last a year or two by itself.

Reasonably Priced: You can’t get any better value!
Properly Staffed: Prompt, reliable, professional, and respectful
Mildew Experts: We take care of this truly growing concern
3-Year Guarantee: Full-time touch-up crew

Client Testimonials

We are proud to serve Fairfield County for over 30 years. Our client testimonials attest to our commitment to making houses feel like home.

We are all set and everything looks absolutely great. All three of your crews–Vin on carpentry, Steve on power washing, and Marcello with the painting–were top-notch, professional, and courteous, and they did their work promptly and thoroughly. Overall, the whole experience was hassle-free and reasonably priced. We would certainly hire you again and would be happy to provide a reference.

Thanks again, Steve. Hope to have a chance to hire you again in the future.

Mike & Diane B
Darien, CT

Steve, As we head to the wrap-up of the job, I thought I’d pass on how great the crew you sent is. They’re polite, very hard workers and they always leave the area clean. I’m impressed, Thank you, D Dever – Darien

Thanks for an excellent job! Your guys were courteous and professional and took pride in their work with every detail. Our house looks great.

Mario & Dawn S
Redding, CT

“No Regrets” Guarantee

Power Washing & Mildew Prevention

I offer My “No Regrets” Guarantee. For three years, we will promptly fix it with no questions asked!

No Kidding!

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