Power Washing & Mildew Prevention

Wood roofs, decks and natural shingled homes should be washed and sealed every 2 to 4 years to be properly maintained. We specialize in thorough and careful power washes and use the longest lasting sealers. We can also wash mildew and algae off asphalt roofs.

Mildew has become a growing problem (no pun intended) in our area. We specialize in mildew resistant paint jobs. No matter how stubborn your mildew seems to be. We can cure it.

If you don’t need a paint job yet, we can provide just a power wash. Sometimes this is all you need, and will last a year or two by itself.

“No Regrets” Guarantee

Unless we completely strip your house and start from scratch, we know that it may have a little peeling over the next few years. Therefore, I offer My “No Regrets” Guarantee. For three years, we will promptly fix it with no questions asked! No Kidding!

Give us a try and I guarantee you’ll have no regrets!

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