Exterior Painting


The most important part of exterior painting is proper prep. We power wash all surfaces to make sure they are free of any dirt and most importantly; mildew!

All loose paint is sanded off. Holes are filled, gaps are caulked, and window glazing is repaired. All bare wood is primed.

Finally, we apply the proper amount of finish paint to all surfaces. Too many coats of paint can actually build up and cause peeling. Too few will have a shortened life. We calculate the proper amount for each house.

Our painters are neat, quiet, and personable. We do everything possible to protect your plantings. We get the job done quickly and properly with a minimum of inconvenience to you.

Exterior Painting Client Testimonials

We are proud to serve Fairfield County for over 30 years. Our client testimonials attest to our commitment to making houses feel like home.

We are all set and everything looks absolutely great. All three of your crews–Vin on carpentry, Steve on power washing, and Marcello with the painting–were top-notch, professional, and courteous, and they did their work promptly and thoroughly. Overall, the whole experience was hassle-free and reasonably priced. We would certainly hire you again and would be happy to provide a reference.

Thanks again, Steve. Hope to have a chance to hire you again in the future.

Mike & Diane B
Darien, CT

Steve, As we head to the wrap-up of the job, I thought I’d pass on how great the crew you sent is. They’re polite, very hard workers and they always leave the area clean. I’m impressed, Thank you, D Dever – Darien

Thanks for an excellent job! Your guys were courteous and professional and took pride in their work with every detail. Our house looks great.

Mario & Dawn S
Redding, CT

Please pass on to your men what a great job they did -particularly the sanders. Professional, thorough, and attentive to detail. It just looks like a new house now. Many thanks again Steve – we are so glad we went with you.

Missy W.
Greenwich, CT

“No Regrets” Guarantee

Unless we completely strip your house and start from scratch, we know that it may have a little peeling over the next few years. Therefore, I offer My “No Regrets” Guarantee. For three years, we will promptly fix it with no questions asked! No Kidding!

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